There's nothing better than sitting in the peaceful surrounds of a garden with a refreshing cocktail, beer or wine in hand. No matter what your poison, we have it covered, with an inspired cocktail list curated by Kevin Peters, an exceptional wine list and an extensive list of draught and craft beers.

Garden Grill

Anthony-Sabastian Tran, Sommelier

In every moment, there is wine for you.

At the Garden State Hotel, our wine list reflects the innate correlation between wine and food.

Just as Ash Hicks’ menu celebrates the finest local providores of fresh, sustainable produce, our wine list recognises that the complex art of win-making is more meaningful when we consider the natural environment and the expression of terroir in the wine. Our wine list pays homage to these noble wine makers, the land they farm, their multicultural heritage and the passion they apply to their craft.

Let us find the wine for you in the Garden Grill. Open for both lunch and dinner, Monday through Sunday. Reservations are advised.

Public Bar

The public bar is situated at the front of the venue, with doors and windows offering views into and throughout the entire venue and out onto the ever bustling Flinders Lane. Exposed brick walls, fluted timber, stone bar tops, bar seating, booths and a large double-sided gas-log fireplace create a warm and inviting space to enjoy a knock off, catch up with friends or to kick back and watch the footy. Melbourne CBD pubs simply don’t get much better than this.

Click here to view our current tap beer list.

Beer Garden

Set at the back of the public bar you will find the beer garden that sets us apart from other Flinders Lane pubs. This is the heart of the venue, connecting the ground and lower basement levels through cascading seating zones. One long bar serves the space so you won’t have to leave the lush surroundings of the garden when your round is up. On the highest tier of the beer garden, you will spot our striking copper beer tanks, serving up the freshest unpasteurised Carlton Draught straight from the brewery. Your search for the best beer gardens Melbourne CBD offers ends right here.

Rose Garden

Descend down the beer garden stairs (or enter via the rear door on Duckboard Place), and you will find the Rose Garden, an eclectic saloon and cocktail bar decorated with French crystal chandeliers, vintage vases and rose bouquets set amongst exposed red brick walls and industrial steel beams. The seasonal cocktail menu, overseen by Kevin Peters, serves up a dynamic mix of classic cocktails as well as inspired Rose Garden signature cocktails.